High Quality Antibody Reagents


Company Overview

MUbio supplies high quality monoclonal antibodies to support and advance research in the academic and scientific community. Since inception in the year 2000, our Maastricht University laboratories have focused on production of a large range of monoclonal antibodies to cytoskeletal proteins, integrin and adhesion factors. Our aim to continuously meet and surpass demand with quality products is augmented by outstanding customer support. MUbio’s knowledge and understanding of research needs drives our ongoing development of monoclonal antibodies. Many of our antibodies are exclusively licensed to Nordic-MUbio and are highly validated for use in Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Western Blot (WB) and Flow Cytometry (FC). We are proud of our capabilities which are regularly cited within scientific literature. In a fast-paced, ever-changing landscape, MUbio’s product range is wide enough to meet the needs of global research. Our products are all manufactured according to strict ISO 9001 quality guidelines.

Product highlights

Our comprehensive range of veterinary immunoglobulin products are suitable for the monitoring of immune responses in normal and diseased veterinary species, from domestic pets to livestock. These antibodies against animal immunoglobulins are available in a range of formats and host species for increased flexibility, and are suitable for use as primary or secondary antibodies.

Cytoskeleton research

The cytoskeleton’s role within the cell is not only structural, this complex network of proteins plays a vital role in enabling cellular processes such as cell migration, signalling and division. Consequently, cytoskeletal proteins are of interest to researchers working in numerous fields including immunology, cancer research and embryology. Our portfolio of antibodies for cytoskeleton research are highly validated for the detection of cytoskeletal proteins such as cytokeratins, lamins, nestin and desmin, and are some of our top selling products. Many of these products are reactive against multiple species including the widely used model organism, Zebrafish.

Our Current Top Selling Products

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