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Press release: Exalpha Biologicals products now available through Nordic-MUbio
Nordic-MUbio is proud to announce that it has come to a long term sales agreement with Exalpha Biologicals. The agreement allows Nordic-MUbio to sell products from Exalpha Biologicals to our partners as if they were our own. Exalpha Biologicals has given us excellent pricing so that we can pass competitive pricing on to you.
Products from Exalpha Biologicals will be clearly labelled on our website and their branding will remain on all products purchased through Nordic-MUbio. We shall be holding inventory in the Netherlands to allow quick delivery to our clients. If you already sell for Exalpha Biologicals please continue to buy their products through your current channel.
Further information on each company can be found below:
Nordic-MUbio is a rapidly expanding research reagent company based in the Netherlands. Nordic-MUbio has created a broad portfolio of products for flow cytometry, cell biology, immunology, cancer research, stem cells and more. Nordic-MUbio’s growth has come through acquisitions and strategic alliances with companies such as Brighter Ideas, Inc, An Der Grub Bioresearch GmbH, ELTI Support, Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and MUbio Products BV.
Nordic-MUbio operates under ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management systems.
Exalpha Biologicals
Exalpha Biologicals was founded over 18 years ago by a group of scientists dedicated to accelerating the pace of discovery in the life sciences by rapidly developing and marketing unique products at the forefront of science.
In order to develop great products, you have to ask the right questions when you start. Where some companies are satisfied with ‘average’, ‘good enough’ or ‘me too’ products, Exalpha Biologicals only settles for products that answer the pertinent questions. Exalpha Biologicals continually monitors scientific trends and recent literature, we strive to produce products that answer real needs. Exalpha Biologicals has a long history of developing uniquely superior products that simply perform well, allowing researchers to focus on the task at hand and not on the quality of a supplier’s products. To see our quality first hand visit www.exalpha.com.