High Quality Antibody Reagents


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Code Name Product Type Clone
GAM/C3c Goat anti Mouse C3c Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
GAM/C3c/Bio Goat anti Mouse C3c, conjugated with Biotin Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
GAM/Fab Goat anti Mouse IgG Fab Polyclonal Antibody Polyclonal
GAM/Fab/FITC Goat anti Mouse IgG Fab, conjugated with FITC Polyclonal Antibody Polyclonal
GAM/IgG2a/PO Goat anti Mouse IgG2a (subclass specific), conjugated with Horseradish peroxidase Secondary Antibodies Polyclonal
GAM/IgG1 Goat anti Mouse IgG1 (subclass specific) Polyclonal Antibody Polyclonal
NMS a-allotype Mouse (CBA/BrARij) Serum Serums
NMS b-allotype Mouse (C57BL/KalwRij) Serum Serums
RAM/Alb/PO Rabbit anti Mouse albumin, conjugated with Horseradish peroxidase Polyclonal Antibody Polyclonal
RAM/MSP Rabbit anti Mouse milk specific proteins Polyclonal Antibody Polyclonal
SwAM/IgG(H+L) Swine anti Mouse IgG (heavy and light chains) Unpurified polyclonal antibody Polyclonal