High Quality Antibody Reagents


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Code Name Product Type Clone
CO105 Collagen Type IV, human Monoclonal Antibody COL 94
CO20111-0.1 Collagen Type I, human
CO20121-0.1 Collagen Type I, bovine Polyclonal Antibody
CO20131-0.1 Collagen Type I, chicken Primary Antibodies
CO20141-0.1 Collagen Type I, rat
CO20151-0.1 Collagen Type I, mouse
CO20171-T-0.1 Collagen Type I, Tuna fish Polyclonal Antibody
CO20331-0.1 Collagen Type III, chicken
CO20341-0.1 Collagen Type III, rat
CO20451-0.1 Collagen Type IV, mouse
CO20611-0.1 Collagen Type VI, human Polyclonal Antibody
CO23311-0.1 Procollagen Type III, human, bovine Polyclonal Antibody
EL25013-0.1 Elastin, human Polyclonal Antibody
FI24911 Fibronectin, human
FI24921 Fibronectin, bovine
FI24931 Fibronectin, chicken
FI24941-0.1 Fibronectin, rat
FI24951 Fibronectin, mouse Polyclonal Antibody
FI24951-0.1 Fibronectin, mouse Polyclonal Antibody
AhOPNc Chicken anti human osteopontin-c (the shortest splice variant of osteopontin) Primary antibodies
AhOPNc-HRP Chicken anti Human Osteopontin c, conjugated with HRP Primary antibodies
MUB0501P Rat anti Entactin / NiDogen Primary Antibodies ELM1
MUB0801P Rat anti Heparan Sulphate Proteoglycan Primary Antibodies A7L6
MUB1100P Rat anti Laminin Primary Antibodies A5
MUB2028P Mouse anti Tenascin C Primary Antibodies T2H5
NE042/7S Rabbit anti Clostridium histolyticum Collagenase Polyclonal Antibody Polyclonal
NE042/Bio Rabbit anti Clostridium histolyticum Collagenase, conjugated with Biotin Polyclonal Antibody Polyclonal
NE042/PAb Rabbit anti Clostridium histolyticum Collagenase Polyclonal
TEN001 Tenascin C (TNC) T2H5
X1263M Mouse anti Human Fibronectin Monoclonal Antibody EP5
MUB0106P Mouse anti annexin V Primary Antibodies RUU-WAC2A
MUB0337P Mouse anti Collagen Type IV Primary Antibodies 1043
MUB0338S Rabbit anti Collagen IV Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
X2057M Mouse anti Human Matrix Metalloproteinase 9 (MMP9) Monoclonal Antibody 4A3