High Quality Antibody Reagents


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Code Name Product Type Clone
DMk Dog milk Serums
Galb Goat albumin Primary Antibodies
GIgG Goat IgG Isotype Control
MAlb Mouse Serum albumin Proteins & Peptides
MIgG Mouse IgG Proteins & Peptides
MonIgG Monkey (Rhesus) IgG Isotype control
CpMk Chimpanzee milk Serums
GASw/Hp Goat anti Swine haptoglobin Primary Antibodies Polyclonal
GCol Goat colostrum Serums
GpIgG Guinea Pig IgG Isotype control
HoMk Horse milk Serums
NBS Bovine Serum Serums
NbCS Newborn Bovine Serum Serums
NCaS Cat Serum Serums
NChS Chicken Serum Serums
NCpS Chimpanzee Serum Serums
NDS Dog Serum Serums
NDuS Duck Serum Serums
NGpS Guinea Pig Serum Serums
NHaS Hamster Serum Serums
RaAlb Rat Serum albumin Proteins & Peptides Polyclonal
RaIgG Rat IgG Isotype control
RAlb Rabbit Serum Albumin Proteins & Peptides
ShAlb Sheep Serum albumin Proteins & Peptides
ShIgG Sheep IgG Isotype control
SwAM/IgG(H+L) Swine anti Mouse IgG (heavy and light chains) Unpurified polyclonal antibody Polyclonal
SwMk Swine milk Serums
NGS Goat Serum Serums
NHoS Horse Serum Serums
NMonS (rhesus) Monkey (rhesus) Serum Serums
NMS Mouse Serum pool Serums
NMS a-allotype Mouse (CBA/BrARij) Serum Serums
NMS b-allotype Mouse (C57BL/KalwRij) Serum Serums
NRaS Rat Serum pool Serums
NRaS Louvain Rat (Louvain) Serum Serums
NRaS Sprague Dawley Rat (Sprague Dawley) Serum Serums
NRaS Wistar Rat (Wistar) Serum Serums
NRS Rabbit Serum Serums
NShS Sheep Serum Serums
NSwS Swine Serum Serums