High Quality Antibody Reagents


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Code Name Product Type Clone
MUB0110P-CE/IVD Mouse anti actin beta-cytoplasmic Primary Antibodies 4C2
MUB0111P-CE/IVD Mouse anti actin gamma-cytoplasmic Primary Antibodies 2A3
MUB0312P-CE/IVD Mouse anti Basal cell Cytokeratin Primary Antibodies RCK103
MUB0315P-CE/IVD Mouse anti Cytokeratin 7 / Keratin K7 Primary Antibodies RCK105
MUB0319P-CE/IVD Mouse anti Cytokeratin 10 / Keratin K10 Primary Antibodies RKSE60
MUB0321P-CE/IVD Mouse anti Cytokeratin 10+13 / Keratin K10+K13 Primary Antibodies DE-K13
MUB0326P-CE/IVD Mouse anti Cytokeratin 18 / Keratin K18 Primary Antibodies RGE53
MUB0328P-CE/IVD Mouse anti Cytokeratin 18 / Keratin K18 Primary Antibodies DE-K18
MUB0329P-CE/IVD Mouse anti Cytokeratin 19 / Keratin K19 Primary Antibodies RCK108
MUB1103P-CE/IVD Mouse anti Lamin B1 Primary Antibodies 119D5-F1
MUB1104P-CE/IVD Mouse anti Lamin B2 Primary Antibodies LN43
MUB1900L1-CE/IVD Mouse anti Vimentin, conjugated with FITC Primary Antibodies RV202
MUB1900P-CE/IVD Mouse anti Vimentin Monoclonal Antibody RV202